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illumiNova™ Fixed Mount LED Stroboscope

illumiNova™ Fixed Mount LED Stroboscope


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illumiNova™ fixed mount LED stroboscopic inspection systems are designed for continuous use in high speed process applications requiring crisp clear stop motion quality inspection. They are available in lengths from 6 inches to 8 feet.

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The illumiNova™ fixed mount LED stroboscopic inspection systems are designed for continuous use in high speed applications requiring crisp, clear, stop motion quality inspection. The extraordinarily bright LED’s provide an ultra uniform white spectrum light. Available in lengths from 6 inches to 8 feet and 3 different lens options ensures you will have light coverage for any job.   The powerful on board intuitive digital controller allows the user to quickly set flash rates, flash duration, brightness levels and many other advanced features. Flash rates can also be triggered remotely using machine mounted sensors connected directly to illumiNova’s digital input or use the optional remote controller to extend the operating distance up to 100 feet. Monarch Instrument has been manufacturing the world’s most popular portable stroboscopes for over 30 years. We know  a thing or two about stop motion analysis.  Let us customize an illumiNova™ fixed mount strobe system to meet your application specific requirements.

  Practical applications for White and UV strobes in the Printing and Converting Industries. 

   Using the Monarch Strobe REPEAT and JOG/DELAY Feature for Printing and Converting

   Using Infrared LED Stroboscope and Practical Life Science Example


  • Super bright LED's with uniform white light output
  • Continuous AC operation
  • TTL compatible input/output jacks 
  • Housing is compatible with 80/20 mounting systems
  • Available in lengths from 6 inches to 8 feet
  • Powerful and intuitive integrated controller
  • Choice of three lens types to best suit your application
  • Includes NIST traceable calibration certificate

Benefits of LED

  • Energy efficient and long lasting 
  • Extremely bright, uniform light output
  • Completely silent
  • Cool operation
  • No lamp replacements
  • Extremely high flash rates (up to 999,999 FPM)

Typical Uses

  • Visual running inspections of high speed webs including: labels, printed packaging, paper pulp fabric, rolled steel or aluminum manufacturing, in-line product quality control, and much more without having to shut down your process
  • Diagnose web alignment issues and warp registrations with repeat patterns
  • Determine speed of rotating equipment using strobe with built in tachometer and on-screen display of PRM
  • Slow a cycle process down by placing them in virtual slow motion for forward or reverse action sequences
  • Print quality inspection
  • Textile processing inspection
  • Camera Vision System lighting


Flash Range (FPM/RPM): 30-999,999
Display: 6 Digit Numeric and 5 Digit Alphanumeric LCD with Touch Keypad. High Contrast Blue Background/White Characters with Back Light
Accuracy/Resolution: 0.001% of Setting or +/-1 Lsd/6 Digits to 0.001
Light Output: 12" standard lens, 108 LEDs @ 36" (90cm) to target = 3900 LUX
12" standard lens, 108 LEDs @ 50” (125cm) to target = 1000 LUX
Flash Duration: Adjustable 0.1 to 2.0 degrees (0.001 to 120.0 msecs)
Light Source: 108 High Output LED Array per 12" (90cm)
Color Temperature: Approx. 5500°K
External Triggers in/out: TTL (12Vdc Max) input. Provides 3.3 Vdc TTL output
Tachometer Mode: 0-999,999 RPM with external input
Programmable Memory: Yes (10 set points)
Internal Phase Shift: Yes
Phase Delay - Degrees: -360.0 to 345.0 Degrees
Time Delay - milliseconds: -50.000 to 50.000 Msec
Virtual RPM (Slow Motion): -60.0 to 60.0 VRPM
Operating Time:  Unlimited
Power Supply A/C: 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60Hz. 
Weight: 7.5lbs (3.4kg) for 12" model, plus 6 lbs (2.7kg) for each additional 12" length
Dimensions  Model size in Length
x 4.375 (H) x 4.375 (W)
Model Number Length inches (cm)
Model 100 (1ft.) 15.44 in (39.21 cm)
Model 200 (2ft) 27.44 in (69.69 cm)
Model 300 (3ft) 39.94 in (101.44 cm)
Model 400 (4ft) 51.94 in (131.92 cm)
Model 600 (6ft) 75.94 in (192.88 cm)
Model 800 (8ft) 99.94 in (253.84 cm)


  Practical applications for White and UV strobes in the Printing and Converting Industries. 

   Cross Field and stroboscopic lighting techniques for freeze-frame images

   Strobes in Process Manufacturing and Camera Vision Systems

   Using Infrared LED Stroboscope and Practical Life Science Example


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How to use: Practical applications for White and UV strobes in the Printing and Converting Industries.