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The illumiNova Fixed Mount LED Stroboscopic Inspection Systems are designed for continuous use in high-speed applications requiring crisp, clear, stop motion quality inspection. Monarch Instrument

illumiNova® Fixed Mount LED Stroboscope


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The illumiNova Fixed Mount LED Stroboscopic Inspection Systems are designed for continuous use in high-speed process applications requiring crisp, clear, stop motion quality inspection. They are available in lengths from 6 inches to 8 feet. NIST Traceable Certificate included.

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The illumiNova Fixed Mount LED Stroboscopic Inspection Systems are designed for continuous use in high-speed applications requiring crisp, clear, stop motion quality inspection. The extraordinarily bright LEDs provide an ultra uniform white spectrum light. Available in lengths from 6 inches to 8 feet and with 3 different lens options ensures light coverage for any job. The powerful onboard intuitive digital controller allows the user to quickly set flash rates, flash duration, brightness levels, and many other advanced features. Flash rates can also be triggered remotely using machine-mounted sensors connected directly to illumiNova’s digital input or use the optional remote controller to extend the operating distance up to 100 feet.

Monarch Instrument has been manufacturing the world’s most popular portable stroboscopes for over 30 years. We know a thing or two about stop motion analysis.  Let us customize an illumiNova Fixed Mount Strobe System to meet your application's specific requirements.

The illumiNova logo and name are protected under USPTO registrations:
Trademark Serial Number 88200680 and Trademark Serial Number 88200556

 Visit our Video Resource tab for Monarch Instrument Stroboscopic features, tips, and applications.




  • Super bright LEDs with uniform white light output
  • Continuous AC operation
  • TTL compatible input/output jacks 
  • Housing is compatible with 80/20 mounting systems
  • Available in lengths from 6 inches to 8 feet
  • Powerful and intuitive integrated controller
  • Choice of three lens types to best suit your application
  • Includes NIST Traceable Certificate


Advanced Features

  • Digital input/output
    illumiNova includes digital input and output jacks. Have a machine that provides a synchronizing pulse? Simply connect your signal to the input jack of the illlumiNova™ and the flash will be synchronized with your equipment. If you need to cover a large or irregular area with light, multiple illumiNovas can be connected in series.
  • Phase/Time Delay
    Use the phase or time delay features to adjust or “position” the virtually stopped image to suit your needs.
  • Memory
    illumiNova has 10 memory presets allowing you to quickly change from one process speed to the next
  • Adjustable intensity levels
    Three adjustable light intensity levels give you complete control over the amount of illumination on your process. Low light settings can be used for highly reflective surfaces while high light settings may be used for darker or high contrast materials.


Lens Options
illumiNova is available with 3 different lens options. Select the illumination area that best suits your application.

Spot Provides the brightest, most concentrated light pattern over the tightest area of your process. The narrow focal width allows the strobe to be mounted further away from the process while still providing bright uniform lighting. spot lens for illumiNova
Flood Illuminates a longer linear distance on your process. flood lens for illuminova
Wide Illuminates a narrow band but over a much wider area for applications that are wider than the length of the strobe. wide lens for illuminova



    Typical Uses

    • Visual running inspections of high-speed webs including labels, printed packaging, paper pulp fabric, rolled steel or aluminum manufacturing, in-line product quality control, and much more without having to shut down your process.  
    • Diagnose web alignment issues and warp registrations with repeat patterns
    • Determine the speed of rotating equipment using a strobe with a built-in tachometer and on-screen display of PRM
    • Slow a cycle process down by placing them in virtual slow motion for forward or reverse action sequences
    • Print quality inspection
    • Textile processing inspection
    • Camera Vision System lighting


    Benefits of LED

    • Energy-efficient and long-lasting 
    • Extremely bright, uniform light output
    • Completely silent
    • Cool operation
    • No lamp replacements
    • Extremely high flash rates (up to 999,999 FPM)


    Flash Range  30-999,999 FPM
    Controller/Display 6-digit numeric and 5-digit alphanumeric LCD with touch keypad and rotary tuning knob; high-contrast blue background/white characters with backlight
    Accuracy 0.001% of setting or +/-1 lsd
    Resolution 6 digits to 0.001
    Light Output illumiNova 100 w/Spot lens, 108 LEDs @ 39.5" [100 cm] to target = 7250 lux

    illumiNova 100 w/Spot lens, 108 LEDs @ 78.74” [200 cm] to target = 2290 lux

    Flash Duration 
       Degrees 0.1 to 4.0 degrees
    illumiNova 50 (only): 0.1 to 3.0 degrees

    0.1 to 1.1%
    illumiNova 50 (only): 0.1 to 0.8%

       Time 1 to 150 µSec
    Light Source 108 High Output LED Array per 12" [90 cm]
    Available Lens Type
    Spot: provides narrowest, brightest illumination area
    Wide: produces a horizontally wide light output allowing smaller strobes to illuminate wider processes
    Flood: produces a vertically wide light output to illuminate a larger linear process area
    External Triggers Input Open collector, dry contract input for sensors (3-5 V dc pulse) provides 5 V dc sensor power
    isolated input 5-12 V dc 50 mA max
    Prescaler Input Adjustable from 0-5000 pulses per revolution
    Digital Output
    Provides 3.3 V dc TTL output
    Programmable Memory 10 setpoints
    Jog/Delay Phase: -360.0° to +360.0°
    Time: -50.000 to +50.000 mSecs
    VRPM: -60 to +60 RPM (External Mode ONLY)
    Input Power  115 or 230 V ac ±10%, 50/60 Hz
    Virtual RPM (slow motion) -60 to +60 VRPM (External Mode ONLY)
    Housing Material Extruded and die-cast aluminum, powder coated
    Housing Rating IP20
    Weight 7.5 lbs. [3.4 kg] for 12" model, plus 6 lbs. [2.7 kg] for each additional 12" length 
    Dimensions   Model size in Length x 4.375 (H) x 4.375 (W)
    Model Number Length inches [cm]
      Model 50 (6 in.) 9.43 in. [23.97 cm]
      Model 100 (1 ft.) 15.44 in. [39.21 cm]
      Model 200 (2 ft.) 27.43 in. [69.69 cm]
      Model 300 (3 ft.) 39.93 in. [101.44 cm]
      Model 400 (4 ft.) 51.93 in. [131.92 cm]
      Model 500 (5 ft.) 63.93 in. [162.38 cm]
      Model 600 (6 ft.) 75.93 in. [192.88 cm]
      Model 700 (7 ft.) 87.93 in. [223.34 cm]
      Model 800 (8 ft.) 99.93 in. [253.84 cm]

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice. See Instruction Manual for additional specs.

    Here’s what you’ll receive upon delivery:

    All illumiNovas ship with:

    The illumiNova Fixed Mounted LED Stroboscope with 115/230 V ac power supply 50/60 Hz, intelligent controller, mounting hardware, and power cord

    • Documentation: operation manual, product registration card, and NIST Calibration Certificate

    Shipping Codes for the illumiNova (all models):

    Harmonized Tariff Code:  9029206000

    Country of Origin:  US

    Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99

    See our complete list of application notes for stroboscopes and data loggers to find the best instrument for your application.


    Replacing Xenon with a LED Strobe

    This case study explores how to increase production, quality, and sustainable goals in a converter application.

    A converter was looking to replace an older Xenon bulb stroboscope on their Mark Andy 4150 press. After discussing the application, target distance, and width of the Web I suggested the Monarch Instrument illumiNova® 200 Fixed Mount Strobe designed for a 24″ web width with 216 LEDs and collimating spot lenses. We encourage customers to test-drive our new illumiNova™ with Monarch’s strobe demo program and after a little paperwork, we shipped an illumiNova™ 200 for them to try out.


    Stop-Motion Stroboscope and Speeding Arrow Pierces a Balloon

    Carbon Fiber Archery Arrow was captured in a video animation with the high-speed Monarch Instrument stroboscope and FASTEC camera. Illuminated by the strobes extremely short flash pulse widths and using 5000 frames per second, the 190 miles per hour (MPH) arrow can be viewed and stopped dead in its flight

    Practical applications for White and UV strobes in the Printing and Converting Industries.

    As Flexographic speeds increase and the use of hybrid substrates in packaging are added, on-press strobe inspections are becoming mandatory to meet the demand. Using a pure white strobe flash, allows the QC inspector to virtually stop motion on a position on the press to determine its color quality, ink density, tint screens, and registration.

    How to use a Stroboscope and Laser Tachometer for Speed Measurement

    Using the Nova-Pro integrated laser tachometer to synchronize strobe flash rate for instant stop motion. Benefits of using an optical tachometer with a strobe.

    What is Virtual RPM, Phase, and Time Delay with a Nova-Pro Stroboscope?

    This how-to guide outlines the process steps and application reasons for using advanced strobe techniques for phase delay, time delay, and virtual RPM.

    The illumiNova Stroboscope Applications and Features

    Using LED lighting, precision electronics, and a variety of colored wavelengths including ultraviolet, Monarch Instrument has optimized illumination contrast for maximum clarity. This fixed mount LED stroboscopic inspection system is designed for continuous use in high-speed applications requiring crisp, clear, stop-motion quality inspection.

    Using the Monarch Strobe REPEAT and JOG/DELAY Feature for Printing and Converting

    Understanding the Repeat and Jog/Delay features for Narrow Web and Label Flexographic Printing. Viewing individual repeat patterns with a strobe when using different repeat quantities on the same sheet. How to view the first, second, and consecutive label impressions in a row using the Jog/Delay feature.

    Cross Field Lighting Techniques with Strobes for Inspection

    Examples of using stroboscopes for inspection with cross-field lighting for the human eye and camera vision systems. Providing unique visualizations for process manufacturing quality inspectors using a near-simultaneous sequence of combined illumination!

    Turn Your Stroboscope into a Laser Sensor Tachometer

    To get the most accurate speed measurements of rotating and reciprocating movements, consider an optical laser sensor for triggering the strobe, thereby taking the guesswork out of flash rates and providing dead-stop freeze-frame visualizations.

    Stroboscopes and Vibration Analysis

    Using a Nova-Pro handheld stroboscope from Monarch Instrument, V-TEK Associates demonstrates resonant frequencies inherent in machine vibration analysis. By matching the rotation frequency of the MVAT6-01 the strobe flashing virtually slows or stops the motion of the rotor. This also captures the cantilever beam which is moving in resonant harmonics with the machine vibration.

    Why do I need a portable strobe and which one is right for my stop motion inspection and speed applications?

    View this select set of stroboscopic visualization and test measurement instruments for an array of industry applications. Features such as Phase Delay, Virtual RPM, Phase Shift, Laser Tachometer, and Strobe Synchronization.

    Infrared Stroboscopic Technology and Life Sciences

    The Nova-Pro Infrared Stroboscope is used with a FASTEC high-speed camera to capture ultra-slow motion, high-definition videos of insect and wildlife behavior in their real-world habitats. The infrared LEDs brightly illuminate the area being filmed without the disturbing effects of standard visible light.

    Strobes in Process Manufacturing and Camera Vision Systems

    "How it’s made" features a Monarch Instrument Nova-Strobe in a high-speed, high-volume manufacturing and canning facility. Featured in this video clip is the industry workhorse BBX, illustrating stop motion inspection of a high-speed aluminum can inking process.

    illumiNOVA Strobe Slows High-Speed Precision 3D Printer with Virtual RPM Image Capture for Video

    In partnership with Solidscape 3D Additive Printing Technologies and New Sky Productions, Monarch’s illumiNova stroboscope captures the perfection of drop-by-drop deposition at 32,000 frames per second using a slow-motion Virtual Frames Per Second (FPS) setting of 11°.

    Compact Smart Laser Sensor and illumiNova Stroboscope Technology

    The Monarch Instrument Compact Smart Laser Sensor (CSLS) is an optical sensor with both digital pulse and analog outputs, for non-contact reference signals used with stroboscopes and vibration analyzers.

    Using a Strobe to Determine the Speed of a Rotating Device

    Learn how to manually synchronize a strobe to a rotation speed… and how to use the Laser Tachometer feature.

    Stroboscope in Entertainment

    National Geographic and Monarch Instrument Strobe Technology

    Using IllumiNOVA stroboscopic technology, we helped create a reverse waterfall technique as a special illusion designed for the National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey.

    Stroboscopic Flashes Create Frame-by-Frame Animation with Water Droplets

    Gatorade effectively illustrates the importance of hydration in athletic activities in this video ad featuring their Active sports drink

    Pixar's Zoetrope using Strobe Technology

    An excellent example of using a stroboscope and 3D models to stimulate the Persistence of Vision which generates a looping animation of smooth movement

    4-Mation 3D Zoetrope Fish Eating Fish

    This zoetrope animation sets the carousel rotation speed to align with the camera frame rate, capturing that moment in time for the animation illusion.

    Levitating Water – The INFICO Design

    A popular use of strobes and water droplets for decorative architectural effects.

    Tachometer Insight

    Measure RPMs!

    Thinking about a handheld non-contact laser tachometer? This unsolicited review of Monarch’s PT99 shows examples of relative applications.

    Roto-Flapper Peening with PLT200 Tach/Strobe

    EI Shot Peening Training ̶ The use of a Monarch Instrument PLT 200 to establish the mandatory RPM for handheld Flapper Peening.

    Portable PLT200 Tachometer Unboxing (Spanish)

    Check out the PLT200 Portable Tachometer! It operates up to 7.62 meters from a reflective tape using a laser light source.

    From MythBusters - Tachometer Validates "Exploding CD" Problem

    In this segment of MythBusters, the Monarch Instrument PT 100 Tachometer takes on exploding CDs as they attain the critical velocity of rotation and destruction… with shards traveling at over 700 MPH!

    From MythBusters – PLT-200’s Critical Precision Needed for 60 MPH Test!

    In this episode of MythBusters, Monarch’s PLT-200 solves the exacting timing issue between two objects traveling in opposite directions at 60 miles per hour.

    Tachometer Records Figure Skater Spinning RPM for Guinness World Record

    The go-to choice of the Guinness World Records was the Monarch Instrument Digital Optical Tachometer PT99, as demonstrated in the NBC Today Show clip



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