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Stroboscope Video Insights

Stroboscope Video Insights

Westport Machine Uses Strobe for Drive Shaft Balancing

Westport Machine Works of West Sacramento, CA, manufactures drive shaft assembly and balancing equipment. They now offer the Monarch Nova-Pro® 500 and RLS Rugged Laser Sensor with their machines for performing drive shaft balancing. Check out their full range of products at:

Practical Applications for White and UV Strobes in the Printing and Converting Industries

As flexographic printing speeds increase and the use of hybrid substrates in packaging are added, on-press strobe inspections are becoming mandatory to meet the demand. Using a pure white strobe flash allows the QC inspector to ‘freeze-frame’ a position on press to determine its color quality, ink density, tint screens, and registration.

How to use a Stroboscope and Laser Tachometer for Speed Measurement

Using the Nova-Pro integrated laser tachometer to synchronize strobe flash rate for instant stop motion. Benefits of using an optical tachometer with a strobe.

What is Virtual RPM, Phase, and Time Delay with a Nova-Pro Stroboscope?

This how-to guide outlines the process steps and application reasons for using advanced strobe techniques for phase delay, time delay and virtual RPM.

The illumiNova Stroboscope Applications and Features

Using LED lighting, precision electronics, and a variety of colored wavelengths including ultraviolet, Monarch Instrument has optimized illumination contrast for maximum clarity. This fixed mount LED stroboscopic inspection system is designed for continuous use in high-speed applications requiring crisp, clear, stop-motion quality inspection.

Using the Monarch Strobe REPEAT and JOG/DELAY Feature for Printing and Converting

Understanding the Repeat and Jog/Delay features for Narrow Web and Label Flexographic Printing. Viewing individual repeat patterns with a strobe when using different repeat quantities on the same sheet. How to view the first, second, and consecutive label impressions in a row using the Jog/Delay feature.

Cross Field Lighting Techniques with Strobes for Inspection

Examples of using stroboscopes for inspection with cross field lighting for human eye and camera vision systems. Providing unique visualizations for process manufacturing quality inspectors using near-simultaneous sequence of combined illumination!

Turn Your Stroboscope into a Laser Sensor Tachometer

To get the most accurate speed measurements of rotating and reciprocating movements, consider an optical laser sensor for triggering the strobe, thereby taking the guesswork out of flash rates and providing dead-stop freeze-frame visualizations.

Stroboscopes and Vibration Analysis

Using a Nova-Pro handheld stroboscope from Monarch Instrument, V-TEK Associates demonstrates resonant frequencies inherent in machine vibration analysis. By matching the rotation frequency of the MVAT6-01 the strobe flashing virtually slows or stops motion of the rotor. This also captures the cantilever beam which is moving in resonant harmonics with the machine vibration.

Nova-Pro UV LED Stroboscopes used for inspection of invisible inks

Ultraviolet (UV) LED illuminating stroboscopes are used to inspect UV sensitive security markings made with 'invisible inks' in many Printing and Converting processes such as Pharmaceutical, Flexible Packaging, Currency, Security Documents and also for Non-destructive Testing (NDT) when combined with fluorescing penetrants.

Why do I need a portable strobe and which one is right for my stop motion inspection and speed applications?

View this select set of stroboscopic visualization and test measurement instruments for an array of industry applications. Features such as: Phase Delay, Virtual RPM, Phase Shift, Laser Tachometer and Strobe Synchronization.

Infrared Stroboscopic Technology and Life Sciences

The Nova-Pro Infrared Stroboscope is used with a FASTEC high-speed camera to capture ultra-slow motion, high-definition videos of insect and wildlife behavior in their real-world habitats. The infrared LEDs brightly illuminate the area being filmed without the disturbing effects of standard visible light.

Strobes in Process Manufacturing and Camera Vision Systems

"How it’s made" features a Monarch Instrument Nova-Strobe in a high-speed, high-volume manufacturing and canning facility. Featured in this video clip is the industry workhorse BBX, illustrating stop motion inspection of a high-speed aluminum can inking process.

illumiNOVA Strobe Slows High-Speed Precision 3D Printer with Virtual RPM Image Capture for Video

In partnership with Solidscape 3D Additive Printing Technologies and New Sky Productions, Monarch’s illumiNova stroboscope captures the perfection of drop-by-drop deposition at 32,000 frames per second using a slow-motion Virtual Frames Per Second (FPS) setting of 11°.

Compact Smart Laser Sensor and illumiNova Stroboscope Technology

The Monarch Instrument Compact Smart Laser Sensor (CSLS) is an optical sensor with both digital pulse and analog outputs, for non-contact reference signals used with stroboscopes and vibration analyzers.

Using a Strobe to Determine the Speed of a Rotating Device

Learn how to manually synchronize a strobe to a rotation speed… and how to use the Laser Tachometer feature.

Stroboscope in Entertainment

National Geographic and Monarch Instrument Strobe Technology

Using IllumiNOVA stroboscopic technology, we helped create a reverse waterfall technique as a special illusion designed for the National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey.

Stroboscopic Flashes Create Frame-by-Frame Animation with Water Droplets

Gatorade effectively illustrates the importance of hydration in athletic activities in this video ad featuring their Active sports drink

Pixar's Zoetrope using Strobe Technology

Excellent example of using a stroboscope and 3D models to stimulate the Persistence of Vision which generates a looping animation of smooth movement

4-Mation 3D Zoetrope Fish Eating Fish

This zoetrope animation sets the carousel rotation speed to align with the camera frame rate, capturing that moment in time for the animation illusion.

Levitating Water – The INFICO Design

Popular use of strobes and water droplets for decorative architectural effects.

Tachometer Insight

Measure RPMs!

Thinking about a handheld non-contact laser tachometer? This unsolicited review of Monarch’s PT99 shows examples of relative applications.

Roto-Flapper Peening with PLT200 Tach/Strobe

EI Shot Peening Training ̶ The use of a Monarch Instrument PLT 200 to establish the mandatory RPM for handheld Flapper Peening.

Portable PLT200 Tachometer Unboxing (Spanish)

Check out the PLT200 Portable Tachometer! It operates up to 7.62 meters from a reflective tape using a laser light source.

From MythBusters - Tachometer Validates "Exploding CD" Problem

In this segment of MythBusters, the Monarch Instrument PT 100 Tachometer takes on exploding CDs as they attain the critical velocity of rotation and destruction… with shards traveling at over 700 MPH!

From MythBusters – PT200’s Critical Precision Needed for 60 MPH Test!

In this episode of MythBusters, Monarch’s PT200 solves the exacting timing issue between two objects traveling in opposite directions at 60 miles per hour.

Tachometer Records Figure Skater Spinning RPM for Guinness World Record

The go-to choice of the Guinness World Records was the Monarch Instrument Digital Optical Tachometer PT99, as demonstrated in the NBC Today Show clip