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Monarch's crowning glory

Monarch Instrument's Technical Support is the best!
Monarch Instrument's Customer Support is unsurpassed!

Monarch's Technical Support

In our 46 years, Monarch Instrument has come to be known for excellent product performance and reliability. Our patented Nova-Pro™ Handheld Stroboscopes and versatile Track-It™ Data Loggers are among the most popular in the world. And no one knows them better than our Technical Support Team. If you've got a question, they have the answer.

Monarch's Customer Service

We'll say it because it's true... our Customer Service is something our customers have come to rely on and look forward to working with! Whether you need a quote for repair, recalibration, or you're looking for a replacement part for your tachometer or data recorder, our Customer Service Team is here to help you. Our specialists are more than knowledgeable, they're friendly, too

Customer reviews

Love These Loggers and Are Extremely Customizable in Their Settings

Product: Track-It™ Gauge Pressure/Temp Data Logger
with Display

Typically, we have to record pressure and temperature daily on some of our products. These make it so easy that we don't have to be trying to schedule being there anymore. We look at the gauge when have a chance and see what data there is. Whether it's every 10 mins or every hour or day, it records how you want it and the software is way too easy to not become your favorite gauges to use. We currently have 12 and use them constantly. You won't be disappointed.

James L., Pawling Engineering Products

Bullet Proof

Product: Track-It™ Gauge Pressure/Temp Data Logger

Our company has been using these things for close to a decade. Brutally easy to set-up and launch. Have not had one fail yet. FYI: If the weight and hand feel of an object is any indicator of quality, these are the bar of excellence. Also as a side bar, though these don't have a display, we prefer these as they are less prone to breaking (ALL METAL HOUSING) and less prone to being tampered with due their non-descript nature.

John S., Newcomb-Boyd