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Monarch Instrument is the premier supplier of rotational speed measuring instruments and stroboscopic inspection equipment. Our comprehensive lines of precision products and calibration services make Monarch the professional’s choice!

Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Enhance your diagnostic and analytical assessments with
highly accurate Predictive Maintenance tools used by
professionals for critical measurements.

Monarch's Industrial Speed Sensors

Sensors measure process parameters such as rotational speed in industrial automation and process-control applications. These sensors are essential tools for predictive maintenance to make environments safer, more efficient, and ultimately less costly.

Monarch offers optical, infrared, magnetic, proximity, and self-powered sensors. Which one is best for your application?

Monarch offers optical, infrared, magnetic, proximity and self-powered sensors. Which one is best for your application?

To recalibrate or not? That’s a good question.

The requirement for specific recalibration is dependent upon the company/industry standard operating procedures. Many industries require current certifications to comply with set regulations for safety and quality purposes.

Monarch makes it easy to schedule your device’s recalibration.
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Why measure vibration?

Vibration is considered the best operating parameter to judge dynamic conditions such as balance (overall vibration), bearing defects (enveloping) and stress applied to components. Many machinery problems show themselves as excessive vibration. Rotor imbalance, misalignment, mechanical looseness, structural resonance, soft foundation, and gear mesh defects are some of the defects that can be measured by vibration. Measuring the “overall” vibration of a machine, a rotor in relation to a machine or the structure of a machine and comparing the measurement to its normal value (norm) indicates the current health of the machine.

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Excellent Service

In talking to the tech support department, they were able to explain why the original batteries were failing. Instead of having to return the tool for repair, we were able to buy the new battery pack and replace it in house, saving shipping time and charges. Excellent service help

Roger P., AC Electric Corp

Thank you so much for your help. Based upon my recommendation, the Amazon facility where I work has purchased another of the PLS strobes. As an Electrical Engineer, I rate your PLS unit as the best I've used.

Jim V., Amazon Fulfillment Center, Fife WA

After retiring an older Dickson logger due to incompatibility with win 10, I picked up this logger (Track-It Pressure/Temp, Vac/Temp Data Logger with Display) and found it superior in every way. No leaks, great software and excellent battery life.

Donnie H. • Montgomery County KS Rural Water District No. 8


I have only started using this [Track-it™ Rugged Temp Data Logger] a short time, and this is the best thing that I have seen. The data logger works incredibly well, and the pricing can't be beat! As soon as I have a few validation runs to see how it works under pressure, I will re-review.

Scott K. •


I bought this tachometer several years ago and have found it to be a great tool for measuring RPM (I use it for fire pump testing) and it's easy to use and maintain. It's a great buy for the price!

M. Blair •


I use this [SPSR Self-Powered Sensor] all the time for RPM measurements for powertrain NVH testing. The ROS-P is good, but needs a fairly large target pulse width, on the order of 1 cm. I recommend checking out the ROLS-P if you need many pulses on a small-diameter target. I also use the magnetic sensor and it works well with a contact wheel in case you cannot get good optical location for whatever reason. I have used these for 20 years and like them.

Jason K. •