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Application Notes - Data Loggers

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Absolute vs. Gauge Pressure Data Loggers

What’s the difference between PSIA and PSIG?

Many of the available pressure ranges for the Monarch Track-It™ pressure data Loggers can be ordered with absolute or gauge sensors. The question of which type of sensor to use for a particular application comes up frequently enough that it warrants explanation.


Track-It™ Monitors Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

Data logger are utilized for system monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Many of today’s landfills are bioreactor, which creates a renewable source of energy in the form of methane gas. They have systems used to extract and condition the methane and recirculate and treat the leachate; but this must be carefully monitored to ensure proper operation and compliance. Monarch’s Track-It Pressure/Vacuum Data Loggers are ideal for this application.


Hydrostatic Pressure Testing for Water Distribution System

Monarch’s Data Loggers meet AWWA standards and specifications.

Contractors are required to either test or hire certified testing companies to perform pressure and leakage testing in accordance with the applicable AWWA (American Water Works Association) Standards and Specifications. Monarch Instrument’s Pressure Data Loggers are the perfect tools for measuring, recording pressure, and generating reports for these tests.


Underperforming Oven, Furnace or Boiler Could Be Gas Supply Lines

Is it faulty gas supply or equipment malfunction?

Manufacturers or installer are often blamed for shutdowns and poor performing equipment when in fact, gas supply lines are really to blame. So how do you determine whether to fix the machine or the supply problem? Monarch Instrument’s Track-It™ Pressure Data Loggers is the answer for solving this problem.


Data Logger Used in Life Saving Application

Track-It™ RFID Data Logger Used in Transportation of Human Organs for Transplant

This special transport needed a temperature data logger that was able to withstand exposure to ice, water, and other contaminants and was above all else, accurate. It was important that this data logger could quickly provide the container’s temp history. Monarch’s Track-It RFID Data Logger proved to be the ideal solution.