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Application Notes - Stroboscopes

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Troubleshooting Belt Systems

Stroboscope Techniques

The stroboscope is a powerful diagnostic tool in predictive maintenance, production, quality control and research. Stroboscopes allow slow motion or stop action/visual inspection of rotating, linear or reciprocating objects. Learn how this cost-effective maintenance and quality assurance tool saves time and money while providing real-time information in a safe, repeatable method.


Replacing Xenon with a LED Strobe

This case study explores how to increase production, quality and sustainable goals in a converter application.

A converter was looking to replace an older Xenon bulb stroboscope on their Mark Andy 4150 press. After discussing the application, target distance and width of the Web I suggested the Monarch Instrument illumiNova® 200 Fixed Mount Strobe designed for a 24″ web width with 216 LED’s and collimating spot lenses. We encourage customers to test-drive our new illumiNova™ with Monarch’s strobe demo program and after a little paperwork we shipped an illumiNova™ 200 for them to try out.


Using Nova-Pro LED for Predictive Maintenance

Monarch’s Nova-Pro LED Stroboscope/Tachometer is the right tool to stay ahead of costly problems.

Predictive maintenance programs continue to rise in popularity as corporations, large and small, strive to increase production efficiency, reduce process downtime and operating costs, and increase overall quality and profitability.