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Certificates, Regulatory Compliance and CE Declarations

ISO Certification

ISO 9001-2015 Certificate

Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Conformity Declaration 
   Addresses: Prop65, RoHS 3 and REACH Compliance 

Conflict-Free Materials Statement 

Product CE Declarations

  PLT-200 & Remote Contact Assembly
  ACT-1B Panel Tachometer
  ACT-3X Panel Tachometer
  F2A1X Frequency to Analog Converter
  F2A3X Frequency to Analog Converter

Nova-Strobe BBX, DBX, PBX, xenon strobes
Nova-Strobe BAX, DAX xenon strobes
Nova-Strobe BBL, DBL, PBL LED strobes
  PalmStrobe x 
PLS Pocket LED Strobe
  Nova-Pro 100 LED Stroboscopes/Tachometers
  Nova-Pro 300, 500 LED Stroboscopes/Tachometers
  illumiNova Fixed Mount Stroboscopes
  MVS Machine Vision Strobe xenon
  MVS LED Machine Vision Strobe

  ROS Remote Optical Sensor
  ROS-M Modulated Optical Sensor
  ROLS Remote Optical Laser Sensor
  M190-M190T Magnetic Sensors
  IRS Infrared Sensor
  P5-11 Proximity Sensor
  PS-12 Proximity Sensor
  ROS-HT Remote Optical Sensor High Temp
  GE200-HP Inductive Sensor
  SPSR Self Powered Sensor
  SLS Self Powered Laser Sensor
  CSLS Compact Smart Laser Sensor
  T/H Probe Portable USB Temp Humidity Probe
  THP-W Temp/Humidity Probe 

Track-It™ Data Loggers
USB data loggers
  RFID data loggers
  Rugged Temp data logger
  Pressure Logger with display
  Pressure Logger without display
  Extreme Temperature logger (single channel)
  Extreme Temperature logger (dual channel)
  Pressure Transmitter/Logger with display
  General Certificate of Conformity - Reese's Law Coin Cell Battery Regulation

Data-Chart™ Paperless Recorders
  DC1250 Paperless Recorder
  DC2000 Paperless Recorder
  DC6000 Paperless Recorder

Examiner 1000 Vibration Meters
  Examiner 1000 Vibration Meter

Freeware License Agreement/Track-It™

UN38.3 Lithium Battery Test Summaries

List (by product) of Monarch's Lithium Battery Test Summaries



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