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Certificates, Regulatory Compliance and CE Declarations

ISO Certification

    ISO 9000:2008 Certificate 

Regulatory Compliance

   RoHS and REACH Compliance Declaration

   Conflict Free Material Statement 

Product CE Declarations

PLT-200 & PT-99 Portable Tachometers
  ACT-1B Panel Tachometer
  ACT-3X Panel Tachometer
  F2A1X Frequency to Analog Converter
  F2A3X Frequency to Analog Converter

Nova-Strobe BBX, DBX, PBX, xenon strobes
Nova-Strobe BAX, DAX xenon strobes
Nova-Strobe BBL, DBL, PBL LED strobes
  PalmStrobe x 
PLS Pocket LED Strobe
  Nova-Pro 100 LED Stroboscopes/Tachometers
  Nova-Pro 300, 500 LED Stroboscopes/Tachometers
  MVS Machine Vision Strobe xenon
  MVS LED Machine Vision Strobe

  ROS Remote Optical Sensor
  ROS-M Modulated Optical Sensor
  ROLS Remote Optical Laser Sensor
  M190-M190T Magnetic Sensors
  IRS Infrared Sensor
  P5-11 Proximity Sensor
  PS-12 Proximity Sensor
  ROS-HT Remote Optical Sensor High Temp
  GE200-HP Inductive Sensor
  SPS Self Powered Sensor
  SLS Self Powered Laser Sensor
  CSLS Compact Smart Laser Sensor
  T/H Probe Portable USB Temp Humidity Probe
  THP-W Temp/Humidity Probe 

Track-It™ Data Loggers
USB data loggers
  RFID data loggers
  Rugged Temp data logger
  Pressure Logger with display
  Pressure Logger without display
  Pressure Transmitter/Logger with display 

Data-Chart™ Paperless Recorders
  DC1250 Paperless Recorder
  DC2000 Paperless Recorder
  DC6000 Paperless Recorder

Examiner 1000 Vibration Meters
  Examiner 1000 Vibration Meter