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Phaser Strobe PBX Advanced Digital Portable Stroboscope

PN: 6210-020

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PBX Includes
Stroboscope - 30-50,000FPM, with PSC-pbxU (115/230Vac) Power Supply / Recharger and NIST certificate.

PBX Kit Includes
Stroboscope - 30-50,000FPM, with PSC-pbxU (115/230Vac) Power Supply / Recharger plus spare lamp and deluxe water tight, o-ring sealed, foam lined latching carry case and NIST certificate.

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The Phaser-Strobe pbx incorporates the unique design features of the Nova-Strobe dbx with an increased operating range of 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute, as well as external phase- shifting. The unique digital adjustment knob can select the decade for adjustments, so coarse and fine adjustments of flash rates are made quickly and with significantly better resolution than competitive units. The memory feature of the Phaser-Strobe pbx allows nine flash rates to be stored - displayed in flashes per minute or flashes per second. Phaser-Strobe pbx operates with internal rechargeable batteries or continuously from AC line power with the power supply/recharger.CE Approved


  • Flash rates from 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute, The all digital, crystal controlled microprocessor keeps readings rock steady.

  • PBX kit includes carry case and spare lamp.

  • Times 2 and divide by 2 push buttons allow easy checking for RPM harmonics and allow stop motion far beyond the 50,000 fpm limit.

  • Store and recall up to 9 user selectable values. Last measurement memory, even with the power off.

  • Individual in and output TTL jacks provide power to remote sensors and allows "daisy chaining" multiple strobes. A  Tachometer mode allows accurate speed measurement up to 200,000 RPM using external sensors.

  • Dual-function delays in external mode. Delays adjustable as phase angle or time with resolution to 0.1 degree and 0.0001 seconds.

  • Auto step mode provides slow motion appearance for high speed repetitive event.

  • Backlit alphanumeric LCD display shows flash rate in flashes per second or flashes per minute and delays in degrees or milliseconds.

  • NIST Certificate of Calibration included.



      PBX Phaser Strobe
      Flash Range: 30-50,000 FPM (Flashes per Minute)  0.5-830 FPS (Flashes per Second) (Hz)
      Accuracy: ±0.004% of setting or +/- 1 lsd  / 0.01 FPM
      Digital Adjustment Knob (all ranges and modes): 36 detents per revolution and blinking decade selection
      Flash Rate Resolution (internal triggering): 0.01 to 1.0 FPM (Menu Selectable)
      Update Time: Instantaneous
      Phase Delay - Degrees: 0.1 to 359.9 degrees
      Time Delay - Seconds: 0.01 to 1000 msec.
      Virtual RPM (Slow Motion): 0 - 200 VRPM
      Flash Energy (Typical): 230 mJoule up to 3450 FPM
      Flash Duration (Typical): 10-25 usec
      Average Power - Watts 11W @ 3000 FPM; >13W @ 3450 FPM
      Tachometer Mode: 5-250,000 RPM from external trigger
      External Input (1/8" phone plug) Input Pulse - 0.5 microseconds min, TTL to 24V max
      Trigger Output/Remote Sync (Typical): 3.3V TTL Compatible 40 usec pulse-Positive/Negative
      Power: Internal rechargeable batteries with AC power supply/recharger
      Weight: 1.9 Lbs. (0.86 kg) including batteries
      N.I.S.T. Certificate: Included

      Application Notes

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      A common issue we have found is making the transition from Xenon Strobe technology to the lower-cost, better illumination, and the advanced technologies that LED lighting offers web manufacturers and converters.
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