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Phaser Strobe pbx Advanced Digital Portable Stroboscope with NIST

PN: 6210-020

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The pbx incorporates the unique design features of the Nova-Strobe dbx with an increased operating range of 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute and external phase-shifting. The digital adjustment knob can select the decade for adjustments, so coarse and fine adjustments of flash rates are made quickly and with significantly better resolution than competitive units. NIST Traceable Certificate included.

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The Phaser Strobe pbx incorporates the unique design features of the Nova-Strobe dbx with an increased operating range of 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute, as well as external phase-shifting. The digital adjustment knob can select the decade for adjustments, so coarse and fine adjustments of flash rates are made quickly and with significantly better resolution than competitive units. The memory feature of the Phaser Strobe pbx allows nine flash rates to be stored - displayed in flashes per minute or flashes per second. Phaser Strobe pbx operates with internal rechargeable batteries or continuously from AC line power with the power supply/recharger. CE Approved


  • Flash rates from 30 to 50,000 flashes/minute; the all-digital, crystal controlled microprocessor keeps readings rock steady

  • 2x /÷2 push buttons allow easy checking for RPM harmonics and allow stop motion far beyond the 50,000 FPM limit

  • Store and recall up to 9-user selectable values; last measurement memory, even with the power off

  • Individual input and output TTL jacks provide power to remote sensors and allow daisy-chaining multiple strobes

  • Tachometer mode allows accurate speed measurement up to 200,000 RPM using external sensors

  • Dual-function delays in external mode; delays adjustable as phase angle or time with resolution to 0.1° and 0.0001 seconds

  • Auto Step mode provides slow motion appearance for high-speed repetitive event

  • Backlit alphanumeric LCD shows flash rate in flashes per second or flashes per minute and delays in degrees or milliseconds

  • NIST Traceable Certificate included



      Phaser-Strobe pbx
      Flash Range (flashes/minute) 30-50,000 FPM
      Accuracy ±0.004% of setting or +/- 1 LSD 
      Digital Adjustment Knob (all ranges and modes) Thirty-six (36) detents per revolution and blinking decade selection
      Flash Rate Resolution 

      0.01 to 1.0 FPM (menu selectable),
      0.1 FPM max resolution above 9,999.99 FPM

      Display Update Rate 0.5 second typical 
      Phase Delay  Phase: 0.1 to 359.9°
      Time: 0.01 to 1000 milliseconds
      Auto: 0 to 200 VRPM
      Light Output Average: 13 Watts typical > 4000 RPM
      Instantaneous (per flash): 230 mJoule typical to 4000 RPM
      Flash Duration (typical) 10-25 microseconds (auto adjust with flash rate)
      Tachometer Mode

      5-250,000 RPM from external trigger
      Accuracy: ±0.001% of reading or ± last digit

      External Input (1/8" phone plug) TTL compatible (24 V pk max), 0.5 μsec min. pulse width, positive or negative edge-triggered (menu selectable)
      Memory The last setting before power down is remembered and restored on the next power-up;
      9 user-settable flash rates
      Trigger Output/Remote Sync (1/8" phone plug) 40 μsec positive/negative pulse (menu selectable), 3.3 V dc typical 
      Input Power Internal rechargeable NiMH batteries or AC power supply/recharger
      Operating Temperature 32-104 °F (0-40 °C)
      Weight 1.9 lbs. (0.86 kg) including batteries
      NIST Traceable Certificate Included

      *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

      Here’s what you’ll receive upon delivery:

      Phaser-Strobe PBX 115/230 (6210-020) includes:

      Strobe with PSC-PBXU (115/230 V ac) power supply/recharger

      • Documentation: operation manual, product registration card, and NIST Traceable Certificate

      Phaser-Strobe PBX Kit 115/230 (6210-021) includes:

      Strobe with PSC-PBXU (115/230 V ac) power supply/recharger and spare lamp

      • Ships in a standard carry case with die-cut foam insert
      • Documentation: operation manual, product registration card, and NIST Traceable Certificate

      Shipping Codes for the Nova-Strobe PBX:

      Harmonized Tariff Code:  9029206000

      Country of Origin:  US

      Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99

      See our complete list of application notes for stroboscopes and data loggers to find the best instrument for your application.


      Replacing Xenon with a LED Strobe

      This case study explores how to increase production, quality, and sustainable goals in a converter application.

      A converter was looking to replace an older Xenon bulb stroboscope on their Mark Andy 4150 press. After discussing the application, target distance, and width of the Web I suggested the Monarch Instrument illumiNova® 200 Fixed Mount Strobe designed for a 24″ web width with 216 LEDs and collimating spot lenses. We encourage customers to test-drive our new illumiNova™ with Monarch’s strobe demo program and after a little paperwork, we shipped an illumiNova™ 200 for them to try out.


      Using Nova-Pro LED for Predictive Maintenance

      Monarch’s Nova-Pro LED Stroboscope/Tachometer is the right tool to stay ahead of costly problems.

      Predictive maintenance programs continue to rise in popularity as corporations, large and small, strive to increase production efficiency, reduce process downtime and operating costs, and increase overall quality and profitability.



      Practical applications for White and UV strobes in the Printing and Converting Industries.

      As Flexographic speeds increase and the use of hybrid substrates in packaging are added, on-press strobe inspections are becoming mandatory to meet the demand. Using a pure white strobe flash,  allows the QC inspector to virtually stop motion on a position on the press to determine its color quality, ink density, tint screens, and registration. 

      How to use a Stroboscope and Laser Tachometer for speed measurement

      Using the Nova-Pro® integrated laser tachometer to synchronize strobe flash rate for instant stop motion. Benefits of using an optical tachometer with a strobe.

      Nova-Pro® has Patented laser synchronization technology

      Demonstration of advanced features on Nova-Pro® LED stroboscopes. Phase Delay, Time Delay, and Virtual RPM. See how the Nova-Pro's Patented Technology greatly simplifies speed and stop motion inspection in all of your moving processes and machinery.

      Using the Monarch Strobe REPEAT and JOG/DELAY Feature for Printing and Converting

      Understanding the Repeat and Jog/Delay features for Narrow Web and Label Flexographic Printing. Viewing individual repeat patterns with a strobe when using different repeat quantities on the same sheet. How to view the first, second, and consecutive label impressions in a row using the Jog/Delay feature.

      Nova-Pro® LED Stroboscope/Laser Tachometer is two tools in one

      The Nova-Pro® has an integral laser sensor included with the 300, and 500 models (optional on the 100). This simple proprietary module can be installed in seconds or used in the remote dock for speed measurement or flash synchronization.

      Stroboscopes and Vibration Analysis

      Using a Nova-Pro® handheld stroboscope from Monarch Instrument, V-TEK Associates demonstrates resonant frequencies inherent in machine vibration analysis. By matching the rotation frequency of the MVAT6-01 the strobe flashing virtually slows or stops motion of the rotor. This also captures the cantilever beam which is moving in resonant harmonics with the machine vibration.

      Nova-Pro® UV LED Stroboscopes used for inspection of invisible inks

      Ultraviolet (UV) LED illuminating stroboscopes are used to inspect UV sensitive security markings made with 'invisible inks' in many Printing and Converting processes such as Pharmaceutical, Flexible Packaging, Currency, Security Documents, and also for Non-destructive Testing (NDT) when combined with fluorescing penetrants.

      Why do I need a portable strobe and which one is right for my stop motion inspection and speed applications?

      View this select set of stroboscopic visualization and test measurement instruments for an array of industry applications. Features such as Phase Delay, Virtual RPM, Phase Shift, Laser Tachometer, and Strobe Synchronization.

      Infrared Stroboscopic Technology and Life Sciences

      The Nova-Pro® Infrared Stroboscope is used with a FASTEC high-speed camera to capture ultra-slow motion, high-definition videos of insect and wildlife behavior in their real-world habitats. The infrared LEDs brightly illuminate the area being filmed without the disturbing effects of standard visible light. 

      Strobes in Process Manufacturing and Camera Vision Systems

      "How it’s made" features a Monarch Instrument Nova-Strobe in a high-speed, high-volume manufacturing and canning facility. Monarch Instrument’s line of handheld strobes has been the Professional's Choice for over thirty years Featured in this video clip, the industry workhorse BBX illustrates stop motion inspection of a high-speed aluminum can inking process.


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