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Predictive Maintenance and Vibration Analysis

Why Measure Vibration?

Vibration is considered the best operating parameter to judge dynamic conditions such as balance (overall vibration), bearing defects (enveloping) and stress applied to components. Many machinery problems show themselves as excessive vibration.


Vibration analysis can uncover many mechanical issues including:

  • Imbalance
  • Bearing failure
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Misalignment
  • Structural resonance
  • Bent shaft
  • Gear fault
  • Pump cavitation
  • Speed abnormalities

Measuring the overall vibration of a machine, a rotor in relation to a machine or the machine's structure and comparing the measurement to its normal value (norm) indicates the current health of the machine.

To reduce maintenance costs and downtime, incorporate vibration analysis into a predictive maintenance program.


The EXAMINER 1000 measures the vibration of a machine while it is operating. Trending these measurements shows how a machine’s condition changes over a period. Analyzing these, along with other measurements, provides insight into the machine's condition and which components may be wearing or failing. How to best monitor a machine's condition requires knowing which measurements to take and where and how to take them. Sensors are placed at strategic points on the machinery to monitor the machine’s condition.


The EXAMINER 1000 processes the accelerometer’s mechanical vibration energy into an electrical signal and displays the measurement value in numerical form for evaluation.

Types of Measurements in the EXAMINER 1000

Velocity Good for frequency ranges 10-2000 Hz (600-120,000 RPM)

Acceleration Used for higher frequencies or speeds above 2000 Hz (120,000 CPM)

Acceleration Enveloping Uses a high pass filter to measure high frequency,

repetitive bearing and gear mesh vibration signals. Used for early detection of

developing bearing or lubrication problems. Use this type in combination with the other types to detect changes in machinery.

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