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Portable Stroboscopes

Nova-Pro® is a series of powerful portable visual inspection and speed measurement tools. Monarch's combined all the features of our handheld LED stroboscopes with a full-function laser tachometer to create a compact, ergonomic, and extremely powerful two-in-one predictive maintenance tool.

The Nova-Strobe LED family of rugged industrial stroboscopes provides an extremely bright, uniform light output for performing stop-motion diagnostic inspection and RPM measurements.

Plus, Monarch offers the PALM STROBE x, a handheld-phaser design offering single-handed operation for fast fractional RPM tuning, and the VBX Vibration Strobe, uniquely designed to provide precise, instantaneous synchronization to a number of data collectors and FFT analyzers triggered by an accelerometer.

Here you will find the right stroboscope for any application.

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