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IllumiNova™ demonstrates its value in new markets

The illumiNova™ series of fixed mount stroboscopes are available in a variety of configurations and sizes to address a diverse set of field applications where they are used. In addition to clear crisp stroboscopic stop-motion inspection for web printing & converting applications, which Monarch Instrument is well known for, you will also find our illumiNova™ working along with camera vision systems providing the precise illumination techniques required for line scan and area scan systems. The illumiNova™ is available with LED array lengths from six inches (15cm) to eight feet (250cm). Select from three lens options to provide the optimal illumination area required for your specific application. Common applications include: 

  • Printing and converting inspection
  • Paper processing and finishing
  • Textile process manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical process manufacturing
  • Vibration test, analysis and validation systems
  • Scientific motion studies
  • Blown film and composite polymer inspections
  • Cold rolled metal fabrication and coating industry
  • Research and development sciences
  • Amusements and special effects
  • Specialized engineering applications in; high-speed robotics, shot peening, and fast servo tool systems.

illumiNova™ is also available with ultraviolet LED’s for inspection of invisible inks, security elements and optical brighteners.