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ROSM - Modulated Remote Optical LED Sensor

ROSM - Modulated Remote Optical LED Sensor

PN: 6180-902

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The ROSM Modulated Remote Optical Sensor is designed specifically for use in high ambient light applications where other optical sensors frequently suffer from light interference. 

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How it works: Instead of being on continuously like our other optical sensors, the LED light source in the ROSM is modulated on and off at a high frequency. That high-frequency light signal is reflected back at the sensor for processing while all other sources of light are filtered out and/or ignored. The ROSM is packaged in a threaded 303 stainless steel tube and has a green LED on-target indicator.

ROSM-P: Modulated Remote Optical Sensor with 8-foot cable, 1/8" (3.5mm) phone plug connector, mounting bracket, and 12 inches of reflective tape.

ROSM-W: Modulated Remote Optical Sensor with 22-foot cable with tinned leads, mounting bracket, and 12 inches of reflective tape.

Longer Cable Models and Bulk Sensor Cable are available for any of our sensors. Please give us a call or email us for pricing.


SENSORS: P=1/8" Phone Plug and W=Tinned Wires


Speed Range 1-20,000 RPM
Illumination Visible red LED
On-Target Indicator Green LED on wire end cap
Operating Range 1 in. [2.5 cm] up to 24 in. [0.6 m] and 45° offset from the target
Operating Temperature 14° to 158°F [-10° to 70°C]
Power required 5.0 to 24VDC, 50 mA
Output Signal Positive pulse input voltage 0 to +5 V
Humidity Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperature up to 88°F [31°C] decreasing, linearly to 50% relative humidity at 104°F [40°C]
Cable Length ROSM-P: 8 ft. [2.4 m]
ROSM-W: 22 ft. [6.7 m]
Material 303 stainless steel; ROSM-P supplied with two M16 jam nuts and mounting bracket
Lens Acrylic plastic
Dimensions Threaded tube 2.90 in x 0.62 in. dia. [M16 x 1.5 x 74 mm]

 *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Shipping Codes for the ROSM Modulated Remote Optical LED Sensor:

Harmonized Tariff Code:  9031498000

Country of Origin:  US

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99