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Nova-Strobe dbx Deluxe Battery-Powered Stroboscope with NIST

PN: 6204-012

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The most versatile battery-powered digital xenon stroboscope! The dbx features internal phase shifting. NIST Traceable Certificate included.

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Nova-Strobe X Digital Series Portable Stroboscopes

The dbx offers powerful features for both diagnostic inspection and speed measurements. Lightweight and bright with flash rates to 20,000 flashes per minute, these strobes are comfortable to hold and easy to operate.   

The dbx Battery-Powered Stroboscope weighs only 1.9 lbs. (0.86 kg) and will run continuously for 2 hours on a single charge. A fast charger is included and the percentage charge remaining may be displayed. The unit is CE-certified.

High-intensity, multi-functional portable xenon stroboscope with digital displays. This strobe offers a range of useful features that provide unmatched performance and value.

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  • Flash rates from 30 to 20,000 flashes per minute, adjustable in 0.1 step increments, the coarse/fine adjustment knob makes it quick and easy to set the exact flash rate you want; the all-digital controlled microprocessor keeps readings rock steady
  • Internal phase-shifting allows the target to be jogged clockwise or counterclockwise in 5° increments
  • Times 2 (x2) and Divide by 2 (÷2) push buttons allow easy checking for actual RPM, harmonics and allow stop motion far beyond the 20,000 FPM limit
  • Store and recall up to 6-user selectable values; fast measurement memory, even with the power off
  • Flash rate may be displayed in Flashes Per Minute (FPM) or flashes per second (Hz)
  • Individual input and output TTL jacks (1/8 inch phone) provide power to remote sensors and allow daisy-chaining of multiple strobes
  • Tachometer mode allows accurate speed measurement up to 250,000 RPM using external sensors
  • NIST Traceable Certificate included



      Range Flashes/Minute 30-20,000 FPM/RPM 
      Display 6-digit numeric and 5-digit alphanumeric LCD
      Accuracy/Resolution 0.004% of setting or +/- 1 LSD  /0.01 FPM
      Flash Energy/Duration 230 mJoule up to 3450 FPM/8-20 µsecs
      Average Power (Watts) 15.5 Watts typical > 4000 FPM
      Flash Tube & Life (typical) High-power xenon, 100 million flashes typical
      External Trigger (1/8" Phone Jack) Input: TTL (24 V dc max)
      Output: provides 3.3 V dc TTL
      Tachometer Mode 5-250,000 RPM (use with optical remote sensor)
      Programmable Memory Yes
      Operating Time (charged batteries) 2 hours typical at 1800 FPM
      Dimensions (LxWxH) Body: 9" x 3.66" x 3.56" [229 mm x 93 mm x 90 mm];
      Reflector Housing: 4.8" [122 mm] dia.;
      Handle: 4.254" [108 mm long]
      Power Supply Internal NiMH rechargeable batteries
      Weight 1.9 lbs. (0.86 kg)

      *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

      Here’s what you’ll receive upon delivery:

      Nova-Strobe dbx 115/230 (6204-012) includes:

      Deluxe stroboscope, battery-powered – 30-20,000 FPM with PSC-2U (115/230 V ac) recharger

      • Documentation: operation manual, product registration card, and NIST Traceable Certificate

      Nova-Strobe dbx Kit 115/230 (6204-013) includes:

      Deluxe stroboscope, battery-powered – 30-20,000 FPM with PSC-2U (115/230 V ac) recharger and spare lamp

      • Ships in a standard plastic molded carry case
      • Documentation: operation manual, product registration card, and NIST Traceable Certificate

      Shipping Codes for the Nova-Strobe dbx:

      Harmonized Tariff Code:  9029206000

      Country of Origin:  US

      Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99

      Application Notes

      Replacing a Xenon Strobe with an LED Strobe - How to increase Production, Quality, and Sustainability Goals in the Printing and Converting Industry.

      A common issue we have found is making the transition from Xenon Strobe technology to the lower-cost, better illumination, and advanced technologies that LED lighting offers web manufacturers and converters.
      READ MORE for insights on the Quality and Cost Savings you can derive from Monarch Instruments illumiNova™ technologies.

      Stroboscopes and Vibration Analysis

      Using a Nova-Pro® handheld stroboscope from Monarch Instrument, V-TEK Associates demonstrates resonant frequencies inherent in machine vibration analysis. By matching the rotation frequency of the MVAT6-01 the strobe flashing virtually slows or stops motion of the rotor. This also captures the cantilever beam which is moving in resonant harmonics with the machine vibration.

      Why do I need a portable strobe and which one is right for my stop motion inspection and speed applications?

      View this select set of stroboscopic visualization and test measurement instruments for an array of industry applications. Features such as Phase Delay, Virtual RPM, Phase Shift, Laser Tachometer, and Strobe Synchronization.

      Infrared Stroboscopic Technology and Life Sciences

      The Nova-Pro® Infrared Stroboscope is used with a FASTEC high-speed camera to capture ultra slow motion, high definition videos of insect and wildlife behavior in their real-world habitats. The infrared LEDs brightly illuminate the area being filmed without the disturbing effects of standard visible light.

      Strobes in Process Manufacturing and Camera Vision Systems

      "How it’s made" features a Monarch Instrument Nova-Strobe in a high-speed, high-volume manufacturing and canning facility. Monarch Instrument’s line of handheld strobes has been the Professionals Choice for over thirty years Featured in this video clip, the industry work-horse BBX illustrates stop motion inspection of a high-speed aluminum can inking process.



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