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GE200 HP - Inductive Sensor

PN: 6180-014

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Electromagnetic Inductive Spark Plug Sensor with 15 ft. cable

The GE200 HP must be connected to the Monarch amplifier module which provides input power and a TTL pulse output (Click View Amplifier below to select.)


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The GE200 HP is a non-contact electromagnetic inductive sensor designed for making RPM measurements on gasoline engines. The sensor will detect the high voltage flux field being induced from ignition coils or magnetos on 2 or 4-cycle gasoline engines. The GE200 HP includes an integral 15 ft. [5 m] cable that can be extended to 150 ft. [50 m].

The GE200 HP Sensor can be mounted up to 12 in. [30 cm] away from the ignition coil or magneto. The sensor will detect the electromagnetic flux field through metal engine covers. To find the optimal mounting position, simply move the sensor around the high voltage flux source until the display on your tachometer indicates a steady RPM reading.  

NOTE: Some engines will read ½ the actual RPM if the detector is pointed at 90 degrees to the flux source. For accurate and repeatable measurements, ensure that the sensor is mounted firmly and is parallel to the high voltage flux source. The GE200 HP is connected to the Monarch amplifier module and the amplifier module is connected to your tachometer or data acquisition system. The most popular application is using the GE200 HP with PN: 4180-406 magnetic amplifier and connecting it to an ACT-3X Panel/Benchtop Tachometer to display RPM. See the specification sheet for the ACT-3X, which includes: 0-5 V dc, 4-20 mA, TTL pulse outputs, 2 alarm relays, RS232, USB, or Ethernet options.


  • Speed Range: 1-99,999 RPM
  • Operating Range: 1 to 12 inches [2.54 to 30.48 cm] from coil/magneto
  • Power Requirement: 3.3 to 24 V dc, 4 mA for amplifier input
  • Output Signal: Same as power supplied, TTL compatible
  • Operating Temperature: -65° to 225 °F [-54° to 107 °C]
  • Standard Cable Length: Sensor: 15 feet [4.572 m], Amplifier: 1.5 feet [0.457 m]
  • Weight: Sensor: 9.25 oz. [262.2 g], Amplifier: 3.58 oz. [101.6 g]

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.


GE200 HP Dimensions


Shipping Codes for the GE200 HP:

Harmonized Tariff Code:  9031498000

Country of Origin:  US

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99


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