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Monarch Celebrates 45 Years in Manufacturing



Monarch International, Inc. is launched!
Monarch started as a distribution company selling a diverse range of imported instrumentation.

Monarch transitions from importing to manufacturing, continuing to push the tachometer technology with new products.

Monarch Instrument is established!
In 1982, the Monarch Instrument Division was established to manufacture and market the first microprocessor-based portable tachometer… TACH-IV, the Digital Optical Tachometer.

Sensors are added to the product offerings, first as an accessory then as a standalone product.

Along with additional tachometer products, Monarch expands into stroboscopes with the introduction of the Nova-Strobe series, followed by Machine Vision Stroboscopes in the early 1990s. 

Data-Chart 1200!
In late 1992, Monarch introduces the Data-Chart 1200, the first Paperless Recorder/Data Acquisition System.

More Paperless Recorders are added to the Data-Chart family.

Examiner 1000 Vibration Meter hits the market!

The 2000s Mark Era of Incredible Product Development!

2004 – PLT200 and PT99 Tachometers and SLS Smart Laser Sensor

2007 – SPSR Self-Powered Sensor, PalmStrobe X and Nova-Strobe X Series Stroboscopes

2009 – ACT-1Bx Panel Tachometers and ROLS Remote Optical Laser Sensors

2010 – ACT-3X Panel Tachometers and Track-It™ USB and Pressure Data Loggers

2011 – Nova-Strobe LED Series Stroboscopes, F2A1X Frequency to Analog Converter/Tach, and CSLS Compact Smart Laser Sensor


2015 – Track-It™ Pressure with Display Data Loggers and USB T/H Probes

2016 – Nova-Pro® LED Stroboscope/Tachometer Series

2017 – Track-It Pressure Transmitter/Data Loggers

2018 – Track-It Extreme Loggers

2019 – RLS Rugged Laser Sensor and illumiNova® Fixed Mount Stroboscope Systems

2020 – COVID 😷

and in

2022 – coming soon!!  


Monarch Instrument appreciates those that have been a vital part of our success. We look forward to many more years of partnership, growth, and innovation!