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Track-It™  RFID Temp or Temp/Humidity Data Logger shown with Android Device running App- Monarch Instrument

Track-It™ RFID Temp or Temp/Humidity Data Logger

PN: 5396-2010

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Track-It RFID Data Loggers are battery-alone compact devices that record from 22.5 hours to 337.5 days of temperature or temperature and humidity data.

Includes Android Application, rugged IP65 package, battery, and software download



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Track-It RFID Data Loggers are battery-alone compact devices that record from 22.5 hours to 337.5 days of temperature or temperature and humidity data. The technology makes it ideally suited for use in supply chain monitoring applications. The compact water-resistant (IP65) enclosure contains an RFID antenna that allows the unit to be configured and data transferred wirelessly.  

These loggers can be affixed to the inside of a shipping carton and scanned without opening the carton. This gives full access to data without sacrificing the integrity of your package contents. Use an Android device with Near-field communication (NFC) and the free Track-It Android application to quickly scan a package to determine if there are any alarms. If alarms are present, the data can be quickly downloaded and viewed on your Android device or you can choose to email it directly from your device for immediate review at another location. Data can also be downloaded and reviewed using the optional RFID docking station and free Windows-based Track-It Software. Purchase an optional high to extend the temperature range from 60°C [140°F] to 80°C [176°F]. The highly reliable design and excellent performance at a reasonable price this indispensable in many applications.

Typical Uses

  • Supply Chain Monitoring/Validation
  • Warehouse/Storage Facility Monitoring
  • Food/Pharmaceuticals
  • MKT/Dew Point Calculation 
  • Hospitals/Pharmacies
  • HVAC/Building Monitoring
  • Laboratories/Research
  • Refrigeration/Heating
  • HACCP Monitoring
  • Agriculture
  • Computer/Communications Rooms 
  • Perishables
  • Healthcare/Safety
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Indoor Climate  



  • Programmable start time (automatic or with button) 
  • Programmable sample rate
  • Up to 8,000 data samples per recording session
  • Multiple alarm setpoints
  • Compact size
  • Full-featured Android application included
  • Wireless data transfer with graphic review and configuration using your Android device 
  • Powerful interactive Windows-based Track-It Software package included (requires optional USB RFID Reader)
  • Rugged IP65 enclosure (RFID Temp and Temp/Humid RHS) 
  • 1-year battery life (battery included)  
  • High accuracy and repeatability 
  • NIST Calibration available 




Sample Rates: User-configured - 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes (22 hrs: 30 min. to 337.5 days)

No. of Samples: 4000 or 8000 (depends on setup)

Record Trigger

Start “Now”, button press, or start after xxx hours: xx minutes

Record Mode

Instantaneous, max, min, average

LED Indication of alarms and record status
Button Record Start/Stop, Logger Status


2 or 4 user-programmable high and low alarms


Passive RFID (wireless)


Track-It™ Software - Set up the device, view data in tabular or graphic formats, summarize, show alarms, calculate MKT and Dew Point, export to Excel™

Android App - Set up the device, quick summary, view data in tabular or graphic format, show alarms, email data, and configurations


Included Coin Cell: Lithium CR2032 60°C Max, 1-year life

Optional Coin Cell: Lithium BR2032 80°C Max, 6-month life


2.00” [50.80 mm] L x 1.32” [33.53 mm] W x 0.50” [12.70mm] H


Temperature Range

-20 °C to +60 °C/-4 °F to 140 °F w/CR2032 battery
(1-year battery replacement suggested)
-20 °C to +80 °C/-4 °F to 176 °F w/BR2032 battery
(1/2 year battery replacement suggested)


Accuracy: ±.5 °C typical, ±1 °C Max over entire range
Resolution: 0.5 °C/1.0 °F


Temp Accuracy: 0.5°C/1.0°F typical
Temp Resolution: 0.5°C/1.0°F

RH Accuracy: ±2% typical, ±3% max [20-80% RH]
±5% max [0-100% RH]
RH Resolution: 0.5% RH

Track-It RFID Software

 Track-It Software

Track-It Software is a powerful Windows-based software package that is included with every Track-It data logger. It allows for easy setup, retrieval, interpretation, and export of the recorded data. Simply connect your Track-It data logger to an open USB port and begin communicating immediately.

Point and click to select your sample interval, alarm set-points, engineering units, start recording triggers, and LCD.

View a numerical data table or graphical representation of data readings relative to time. Use the tools such as zoom, cursor, min., and max to examine and analyze the record. Track-It Software turns your PC into a real-time data acquisition system by allowing you to stream graphical or tabular data directly to your PC (capability varies by model). Use the one-click export function to automatically export stored data into an Excel spreadsheet.

This software is compatible with Windows 7/8/10, 32- and 64-bit.


Track-It RFID PC Install Software


Track-It™ Transport Android App

The Android application for Track-It RFID Data Loggers brings wireless technology and the power and convenience of your Android device to the forefront. Simply place the Track-It RFID Data Logger near the NFC antenna location on your device to establish communication for configuring the logger or downloading data. The Track-It RFID Data Logger application allows you to quickly scan for alarms to determine if a package was exposed to unacceptable levels. Data can then be downloaded to your device for review. You can also email data files directly from your Android device. Data can also be reviewed on the free Track-It Software for Windows.

The Track-It Transport App is available for free on Google Play:


*Requires Android device with NFC capability. Click links to view current models:      

RFID Reader for use with free Track-It PC-based software.

Set default settings for Time Zone, Time Format, Units of Measure, Date Format, and Language.

The Summary page can be used to quickly determine the i.d. and status of a data logger as well as alarm status.

The Record Mode allows you to set the Tag Name, Time/Date, and Record Start function. 

The Record Rate page allows the setup of Date/Time, record rate (between 1 every 10 seconds to 1 every 24 hours), total record time based on record rate is calculated and displayed. You can also select the sample rate for the Sample Mode (if used). Average, Peak, or Low value over the selected sample rate.

The Data Summary table shows all recorded sample values with time and date stamp information. Average, max, and min. values are also calculated and displayed.

The graphics page displays all recorded data graphically in relation to time and date. 

Shipping Codes for the Track-It RFID Temp or Temp/Humidity Loggers (both models):

Harmonized Tariff Code:  9025805050

Country of Origin:  US

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99


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