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SPSR Self-Powered Sensors

PN: 6150-020

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PN: 6150-020  SPSR-115/230 Kit includes: SPSR-IM, SPSR-U Universal Power supply/recharger, ROS-P Remote Optical Sensor, and 12 inches of Reflective Tape

PN: 6150-021  SPSR-IM (module only) includes: Interface Module with SPSR-U 115/230 V ac power supply/recharger; SENSOR MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY (see below)

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The unique SPSR (Self-Powered Sensor) with internal rechargeable batteries provides the required power to any one of (4) Monarch Sensors (see below). The TTL compatible output is switch selectable as either positive going 0-5 V pulses or negative going 5-0 V pulses provided on a BNC connector. The internal rechargeable batteries provide 40 hours of operation between charges. For continuous operation, the SPSR can be powered by 115/230 V ac. Self-powered sensors are a critical element for providing one pulse per revolution for vibration analyzers, spectrum analyzers, stroboscopes, data acquisition equipment, tachometers, balancers, waveform analyzers, and magnetic tape recorders.

For convenience, the SPSR 115/230 includes our most popular sensor, the ROS-P. The SPSR-IM is the interface module only and can be paired with any of the following (4) sensors (ordered separately) to best suit your particular application:

A visible optical red LED light source (Model: ROS-P  PN: 6180-057)

A visible optical red laser light source (Model: ROLS-P  PN: 6180-029)

An infrared light source (Model: IRS-P  PN: 6180-020)

An amplified magnetic sensor (Model: MT-190P  PN: 6180-036)

Need help selecting the proper sensor for your application? Contact one of our Technical Sales Engineers.



SPSR is compatible with Monarch's IRS-p, ROS-p and MT-190 sensors.


  • Range: (RPM) - Same as the sensor
  • Output Signal: TTL compatible pulse, 0-5 V or 5-0 V
  • Pulse Width: Determined by the size of the target and rotational speed
  • Output Connector: BNC Connector
  • Power:  Four (4) internal rechargeable AA NiMH batteries or 115/230V ac

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Shipping Codes for SPSR Self-Powered Sensors:

Harmonized Tariff Code:  9029205000

Country of Origin:  US

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99


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