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Pocket-Sized Powerhouse!

Don't let the small size fool you!

PLS Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

Predictive Maintenance / Speed Measurement

Quality Control / Process Inspection

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Stroboscopes enable stop-motion inspection while machinery is running!

The PLS puts the power of a full-feature strobe in your hand!

Advantages for a stroboscope include:
Real-time speed measurement
Excellent for industrial environments
Rugged design and virtually maintenance-free operation
Easy to use 

    Monarch's PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope is a compact, rugged, lightweight device that provides a super bright, uniform light output for performing visual diagnostic inspection and RPM measurements. The silent cool-running LEDs are extremely energy-efficient providing up to 5 hours of operation on a single charge. A wide operating range of 30-300,000 flashes per minute covers most industrial applications. Additional features include external input for remote triggering or tachometer mode, pulse output, memory for up to 5 preset flash rates, NIST Calibration Certificate, tachometer mode for speed measurements up to 250,000 rpm using optional remote sensors, and TTL pulse output. 

    Monarch's Pocket LED StrobePLS LED arrayMonarch Instrument PLS stroboscope
    Advantages of the Monarch PLS:
    Energy-efficient with long battery life
    Lightweight and pocket-sized
    Intuitive one-hand operation
    Extremely bright, uniform light
    Quiet, cool operation
    No lamps to replace
    CE-marked, RoHS compliant
    Certified NIST Calibration


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