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Spa-Day & re-Cal Frequently Asked Questions

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My Monarch Instrument is old and way outside of Warranty, can I send it in?

Yes, who better than us to have parts, expertise, and the desire to repair, refresh, and return your professional tool to you again?

Can I send in more than one product?

Yes, our clients take advantage of this program to refresh many items. The Spa-day Recal Return Merchandise form has room for up to four items, but you can submit multiple forms for all your Monarch instruments.

Can I get expedited shipping?

Yes, we provide free UPS Ground Shipping in the 48 contiguous US states, but you can use your own shipping account or pay a little more for expedited carriers.

What are the typical costs and explain the 50% savings.

The Spa-day Seasonal Program in a timely repair, refresh, and re-calibrate program that happens each Summer. We offer 50% off our services and material goods for many common problems. For more information visit the Spa-day Program Details to get started.

When will I hear from you?

When we receive your fatigued tool, we will email you with an assessment and any recommended repair costs that you should consider. See the Spa-day re-Calibration Program Plan for items that are included.

What if my product gets there DOA?

It will be sent to our Internal Care Unit for evaluation and you will be contacted about a rejuvenation treatment or upgrades to new equipment. We have an amazing regeneration record with this special on 50% off parts and services, but we also have great deals to help you upgrade to new technologies and the latest Monarch products.

Can I talk with someone now?

Our performance center works many long hours, but you will need to talk to our Spa Director between 9:00-5:00 EST. Use our toll-free number 1-800-999-3390, or email us HERE, or call the office directly at 1-603-883-3390