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Spa-day Program details

Spa-Day Program Details   Frequently Asked Questions  RMA form

1. Click here to fill out expedited Spa-day Recalibration Return Merchandise Form and get your unique
Spa Appointment number. Make sure to include your email address.

2. Send in your equipment to:

Monarch Instrument
15 Columbia Drive
Amherst, NH 03031
603 883-3390

3. When received, our Fitness personnel will review all of your requests and email you back with an assessment including any recommended repairs. Preferred return shipment processes will be discussed at that time. Free UPS ground shipments are included in the costs.

4. Once treatments and payments are approved repairs and calibrations start immediately. Your refreshed Monarch tool will be ready for return to you within 24 hours.

It’s that easy.

What is included in the Spa Treatment?

  • Calibration and NIST Certification
  • No additional fees for products out or Warranty or not included in annual maintenance programs.
  • Minor repairs include missing screws, loose wires & broken connections, maintenance cleaning inside and out, and other minor alterations.

Extended repairs will be estimated in advance:

  • Examples include lamps, lenses, missing power cords, new batteries, cracked or broken housings, new pems, broken plastic latching cases, torn holsters, and other material costs.

All work is performed by experience handlers and dedicated Spa-day / Recal professionals.

Contact our Spa Director with any questions or concerns.

 What are the costs?

Typically diagnostics and repairs are about $65 and calibrations are $110 but with the 50% Spa-day program they are as low as $32 and $55.

You will also save 50% on our triage repairs, replacement parts, and other services related to your RMA.

Return shipments via UPS Ground are also included FREE for units shipping within the continental US.