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Predictive Maintenance and Recalibration

To recalibrate or not?
             That’s a good question.

Like any piece of machinery, it’s important to maintain equipment to prevent breakdowns and stoppages. Over time, devices such as tachometers, stroboscopes and data loggers, can experience changes in their performance.

The requirement for specific recalibration is dependent upon company/industry standard operating procedures. Many industries require current certifications to comply with set regulations for safety and quality purposes.

Factors to consider:

  • Accuracy
  • Inherent stability
  • Environmental factors

The requirement for recalibration is dependent upon usage and company/industry standard operating procedures.

Benefits of calibration as part of a Predictive Maintenance program:

  • Maintains accuracy and repeatability
  • Reassure performance
  • Prevents decline in quality and safety
  • Saves money with scheduled recalibration service to avoid stoppage
  • Saves money by reducing mechanical error

Monarch’s Calibration Services

What is the difference between 1-year vs 2-year calibration?
A calibration certificate does not have an expiration date. Typically, a NIST certificate is valid for 1 year; after which recalibration should be considered.

There are a few products for which Monarch offers a 2-year calibration certificate. Contact Monarch’s repair team for details.


Can you send in an instrument that wasn’t purchased with NIST?

Monarch's NIST recalibration servicesOf course! If you feel that your device would benefit from a recalibration, Monarch’s customer service will be happy to talk it over with you.

Contact if you have any questions.


What calibration options does Monarch offer?
Monarch offers two NIST Calibration Certificates. 

A standard certificate means the device has been tested and meets NIST exacting requirements (such as for tachometers, pressure gauges, light meters, etc.). This certificate provides assurance that the devices operates within acceptable parameters so you can rely on its performance.

A standard certificate with before/after data means that the unit has been calibrated twice; once before repair or adjustment is made (meaning in an as-found state) and again after repair or adjustment is done. This can provide validation for the repair/adjustment.

How do you make a recalibration request? 
Monarch makes it simple. From the top menu, go to Support, then the Repair/Return form. Fill out the form and submit. 

You will receive an RMA number via email. Follow the return product instructions and be sure to include your RMA number. 

Once we receive your instrument and evaluate it, you’ll get a formal quote via email and payment will be required to proceed. Your Monarch unit will be back to you within days!