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Potential Email Phishing Scam

Please be aware!

Monarch is informing you of potential business bank fraud/email phishing scams that may have been sent out directly to our Monarch Instrument international distributors.

If you receive an email or other official-looking communication from Monarch Instrument requesting you to edit or change the bank/routing information for Monarch payments, please contact Monarch directly to confirm.

Monarch’s bank account will always remain with TD Bank in New Hampshire.

For accurate and timely processing of transactions, it is very important to correctly identify the company account number and application routing number.

All remittance information should continue to be sent to:
     Kim Small, Inside Sales Coordinator (
     Jamie Pappas, Sr. Accountant (

Please feel free to contact Monarch if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to continued success with you, our much-valued international partners.