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SPSR Self-Powered Sensors with Remote Optical Sensor, Power Supply/Recharger and interchangeable wall plugs- Monarch Instrument

SPSR Self-Powered Sensors

PN: 6150-020

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P/N: 6150-020  SPSR-115/230 Includes: SPSR-IM, SPSR-U Universal Power Supply/Recharger, ROS-P Remote Optical Sensor, and 12 inches of Reflective Tape.

P/N: 6150-021  SPSR-IM Includes: Interface Module with SPSR-U 115/230 Vac power supply/re-charger. SENSOR MUST BE ORDERED SEPARATELY (See Below)

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The unique SPSR (Self Powered Sensor) with internal rechargeable batteries provides the required power to any one of (4) Monarch Sensors (see below). The TTL compatible output is switch selectable as either positive going 0-5V pulses or negative-going 5-0V pulses provided on a BNC connector. The internal rechargeable batteries provide 40 hours of operation between charges. For continuous operation, the SPSR can be powered by 115/230Vac. Self-powered sensors are a critical element for providing one pulse per revolution for vibration analyzers, spectrum analyzers, stroboscopes, data acquisition equipment, tachometers, balancers, waveform analyzers, and magnetic tape recorders.

For convenience, the SPSR 115/230 includes our most popular sensor, the ROS-P. The SPSR-IM is the interface module only and can be paired with any of the following (4) sensors (ordered separately) to best suit your particular application:

A visible optical red LED light source (Model: ROS-P | PN 6180-057)

A visible optical red Laser light source (Model: ROLS-P | PN 6180-029)

An infrared light source (Model: IRS-P | PN 6180-020)

An amplified magnetic sensor (Model: MT-190P | PN 6180-036)

Need help selecting the proper sensor for your application? Call to speak with one of our technical Sales Engineers.



  • Range: (RPM) - Same as the sensor
  • Output Signal: TTL compatible pulse, 0-5V or 5-0V
  • Pulse Width: Determined by the size of the target and rotational speed
  • Output Connector: BNC Connector
  • Power:  Four (4) internal rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries or 115/230Vac

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Shipping Codes for SPSR Self-Powered Sensors:

Harmonized Tariff Code:  9029205000

Country of Origin:  US

Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):  EAR99


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